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A Food System Transformation Framework

Julian Worley, Doris Läpple, Fabio Bartolini, Silvia Gaiani, and Greta Winkler 

A graphical represenetation of a pathway for transformation and relationships in the food system

EuroChoices, forthcoming 

Dorfman, Jeffrey H.; Grant, Jared D.; and Worley, Julian M.

Applied Economics Policy and Perspectives

Invited Paper at the American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, Aug. 2021

Worley, Julian; Dorfman, Jeffrey H. ; Russell, Levi A.

The impact of breed on carcass characteristics in various breeds of cattle has been well documented. This paper attaches these differences in breed characteristics to end revenue via different breed and breed combinations, percentage of Angus in pedigree, and purebred status. 

Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Volume 46, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 56-68


Dorfman, J, Worley, J, Kane, S.

This policy brief explains the economic damage Georgia fruit and vegetable growers are likely to suffer unless some provisions of the USMCA are renegotiated.

Policy Brief 2019


Stephenson, K, Chase-Walsh, S, Lindrose, A, Worley, J, Ignosh, J.

Provides an overview of environmental credit trading programs, government policies and regulations in Virginia. Discusses how Virginia landowners can participate in better management of wetlands and streams through these environmental credit programs.

Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication

ANR-173P, 2015

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