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Curriculum Vitae

Worley J., Läpple D., Bartolini F., Gaiani S., Winkler G. 2023. “A Food System Transformation Framework.” EuroChoices. Forthcoming. 

Dorfman, Jeffrey H., Grant, Jared D., and Worley, Julian M.. 2022. “ Using truck-to-trunk programs to increase food security and help support farm incomes.” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 1– 8.

Worley, Julian; Dorfman, Jeffrey H.; Russell, Levi A., Are Cattle Genetics Priced to Reflect Carcass Value?, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Volume 46, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 56-68

Dorfman, J, Worley, J, Kane, S. (2019). The Impact of the USMCA on Georgia’s Small Fruit and Vegetable Industries. (Policy Brief)

Stephenson, K, Chase-Walsh, S, Lindrose, A, Worley, J, Ignosh, J. (2015) Virginia Citizen’s Guide to Environmental Credit Trading Programs: An Overview. Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication ANR-173P

Service Experience

Member, Department Head Search Committee | 2021

Reviewer, Journal of Extension | 2021

Reviewer, Agriculture and Resource Economics Review | 2020

President, Agriculture & Applied Economics Department Graduate Student Association |
2017-2018 | 2019-2020 | 2020-2021

Awards, Recognition, & Grants

Outstanding Teaching Assistant | Department of Agriculture & Applied Economics | 2020-2021

UGA CAES Alumni Association Externa Grant | 2017 | 2019

Outstanding M.S. Student | Department of Agriculture & Applied Economics | 2018

Community Involvement

St. Gregory the Great Episcopal Church Vestry Member | 2021

Athens Swing Night Dance Instructor | 2018 & 2019

St. Gregory the Great Episcopal Church Choir | 2017-2022


Mathmatics for Economists | Fall 2023

Analytical and Computational Tools for Applied Economists | Summer 2020


Economics of the Food Industry | Fall 2020

Teaching Assistant

Economics of the Food Industry | Fall 2019, 2021

Intermediate Economic Principles | Fall 2019

Macroeconomics | Fall 2018

World Food Economy | Spring 2017

Food & Fiber Economics | Fall 2013, 2014, 2015; Spring 2014, 2015, 2016

PhD – Agricultural & Applied Economics
May 2022

University of Georgia 

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman

Dissertation Topic: The Effects of Risk, Loss, and Ambiguity Attitudes at Three Levels of the Agriculture Industry

Masters –Agricultural & Applied Economics
May 2018

University of Georgia 

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman

Thesis Topic: Does Cattle Breed Affect Carcass Price?

Bachelors – Animal and Poultry Sciences
May 2016

Virginia Tech

Advisor: Dr. Michael Denbow

Capstone Project: The Impact of Heat-Syncing Beef Cattle on Farm Finances

Julian Worley and Jeffrey Dorfman. The Impact of Single Event Shocks on Firm Level Model of Plant Capital Investment Decisions Accounting for Heterogenous Risk Beliefs. (Dissertation Paper – Job Market Paper) 


Postdoctoral Researcher
Aug 2022-Present

University of Galway - SmartDairy Project 

Research Assistant 
Aug 2016-May 2022

University of Georgia 

Teaching Assistant 
Aug 2013-May 2016

Virginia Tech - Food and Fiber Economics 

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